Sep 052005

Ok, first of all – Thanks for all the well wishings and advice in response to my last post about this. Nice to know you all care enough to scold me. Heh.

So this morning I got out there and took out the junction box that was smoking when last I toyed with this thing. Holy crap. The back side of the switch was melted, as were several of the ties. One of them completely.


This is what I get for doing a half assed job last time. I replaced the uncovered power outlet with the circuit breaker in it with just a circuit breaker, but I should have replaced the whole casing at the same time. There was rust and corrosion all over the damned thing. So now there is a whole new casing, weatherproof, along with a new circuit breaker and weatherproof tie twists.

The hot tub, I am happy to report, is working fine and not leaking. The heater has been on for the last half an hour or so and there seem to be no problems.

Lesson learned – Don’t do things half assed. If I had done this shit right before instead of just trying to patch things up I wouldn’t be having half these problems. Oh well. I think for not having any training in plumbing or electrical work I’m doing pretty good so far.

That’s all I have to report at the moment. I’m going to eat something then head to the store. I think it’s burgers on the grill tonight, if the damned weather plays nice.

Oh, and I have pics of the melty stuff. I’ll post them later.

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