Sep 042005

So. The leak is fixed. This is good.

The electrical system is going wonky still, though. The heater kept cutting off after I turned it on yesterday, and after messing around with it I started to smell smoke. Looks like the junction box that connects the heater to the timer has gone and will need to be replaced. No big deal, really. Just annoying. It’s covered in lint from the dryer (in a very poor example of proper planning the dryer vent is right next to the door to the mechanics of the hot tub), so I’m thinking some of it got inside. That can be a Very Bad Thing. Just to be safe I’m going to switch out the whole unit as opposed to trying to clean it.

I may or may not do this today.

See, after working all day outside yesterday I had a bit of an issue. This isn’t the first time it has happened, either. Last weekend after doing yard work for several hours I got pretty damned close to heat stroke. I got in the shower with pretty much nothing on but Cold and didn’t actually FEEL the cold for about 5 minutes. Yeah. I also burned myself pretty bad. No sunblock. Bad me. No biscuit.

Yesterday, I figured it wouldn’t be so bad because I was working on the porch. You know, shade? No direct sunlight for extended periods. Apparently not. I didn’t get heat stroke. I got dehydrated. Severely. I spent all told about 6 hours working outside, grabbed a bite to eat, and came in to take a shower. When I got out of the shower I was suddenly, and quite violently, ill. I had severe stomach cramps. I started to dry heave. I was having a hard time breathing or responding to K. She grabbed my wrist to check my pulse and it was tingly when she did so.

Yeah, looked like a heart attack.

One call to 911 and six paramedics in my bedroom later and we find out I was just dehydrated. The tingling was because I was hyperventilating. Drink some water, they told me. Warm water. Maybe some Gatorade. Go to the hospital if you don’t feel any better.

An hour later I was fine. Sitting in front of my computer eating Chips and Queso and watching The Usual Suspects.

I was scolded for not wearing a hat or sunscreen by the EMT’s, even though I wasn’t in the sun. I was reminded the my meds make me photosensitive.

They laughingingly said I should get a sombrero.


So yeah. Looks like from now on if I go outside it’s hat and sunscreen for me. Joy of joys.

You know, I’m only 32 here. Isn’t this kind of shit supposed to wait until you actually get OLD?


There are many depressing things in the news. I don’t really want to talk about them right now. Besides, maladr1n wrote something this morning that echoed a lot of my feelings, so I’ll just link to him and say “Yeah, what he said.”

Up to and including the shit about getting a gun. How fucking sad is that?

I’m going to go try to enjoy a nice day around my house. I hope those of you who are able to do the same as well. Never know how many of them you’ve got.

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