Sep 262005

Perhaps I’m alone in this, but I find it almost physically painful to keep myself from singing along with Ewan McGregor’s part in “El Tango De Roxanne” from Moulin Rouge while I’m at work. I suppose in some cases this would be acceptable, but “Roxanne” is not a song to be sung lightly. It crawls up from the depths of your gut and explodes into the air.

That’s just how it is, man. I didn’t write the part. I just sing along with it.

I’m going to have to listen to it again on the way home tonight. Hope I don’t scare anyone in the cars next to mine.

Sep 192005

When the song Instant Club Hit was released I was a huge Dead Milkmen fan. Was pretty much all I listened to. I thought Instant Club Hit was brilliant, and hadn’t even heard of most of the bands. Souxsie. Depeche Mode. Public Image Limited. Book Of Love. The Smiths. Naked Truth.

Now I have songs by all of the above on my iPod.

And I listen to them more often than the Dead Milkmen.

I think the Dead Milkmen would also be quite upset to learn that the next song that came up in my random shuffle was by Clannad.