Aug 172005

You can’t pay too much attention to critics…Not even when they say nice things. Otherwise, you start catering to them and believe me that’ll bite you in the ass…Critics smile in your face and backstab you the minute they think they can get away with it.

– R.K. Milholland, “Midnight Macabre,” August 15th, 2005.

Mark Leib responded to the complaints received over “March of the Kitefliers” that I wrote about yesterday. It’s weak, but at the very least he acknowledges that he regrets not putting a spoiler warning on the article.


Really, is it that fucking hard to add a line of text to an online article? They edit misprinted pictures all the damn time (because they do it a LOT). Why can’t they fix this? My money says that the editor left that up to Leib, but that’s just me being all pissy and not being his biggest fan right now.

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