Aug 152005

Just got the following in response to my letter to the Weekly Planet about Mark Leib’s review of “The March Of The Kitefliers.”

Dear Michael,
I wasn’t sure whether your letter re Mark’s review of Kitefliers was meant
as a private note to me, or as a letter for our letters column. I would like
to excerpt it in the paper with your permission. I’ve asked Mark to respond
in print to the complaints about his review, and I want to include some of
the letters so readers can understand the level of discontent the review
stirred up.
David Warner

I responded that he was welcome to use my letter in parts or as a whole as he sees fit. Ok, yeah, I might not ever get a decent review out of the Planet again, but his review was utter and complete bullshit and he needed to be called out on it.

(Oh, and for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about – I’ll post an explanation and my original letter when I get home tonight. Really just wanted the Kitefliers folks to see this in case they weren’t aware of the impending article)

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