Aug 152005


So tonight is the signing of “Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way” at the Tampa Theater. Only one problem. I’ll be attending the call back auditions for We Won’t Pay, We Won’t Pay and the Jobsite original works piece for next year. Man, it’s always something isn’t it? Mind you, I had completely forgotten about the signing anyway, but still.

Hrm. Well, the Tampa Theater is pretty well within walking distance of TBPAC. Maybe if things wrap up early enough I can hustle over there and buy a book before they start the screening of The Man With The Screaming Brain.

Edit Turns out the signing is Thursday. The person who posted this morning in the Tampa community forgot to include the date.

On the theater front, I had to turn down a request to attend the callbacks for Phyro-Giants last wednesday because of the fact that we are going on the Goth Cruise. Phyro-Giants opens on January 20th. The cruise leaves on the 16th of that month. Kind of not possible for me to be absent during hell week. Ah well. Looks like it will be a relatively light season for me this year if I’m cast in both the shows I’m attending call backs for, and I’m ok with that. A three show run this season was pretty intense.

Really wanted to get some work done around the house and in the yard this weekend, but on Friday night I ended up taking K. to the ER at around 1AM. She discusses the details behind a friends tag on her journal, so I’m going to leave them out here. What I will say is that she is going to be OK. She’s on some medications and ordered bed rest until her condition has cleared up. We didn’t leave the ER until just after 7AM on Saturday morning, though. Oh, and on a side note – If the prescriptions that I picked up on Saturday are any indication, the prices at the Sam’s Club pharmacy are INSANELY low. Like, less than I would have paid using my insurance low. I got about 4 hours of sleep before getting up to do the grocery shopping and what not. Left around 2, wasn’t done with all of that until after 6. By that point I was exhausted and didn’t want to do anything else. I wanted to get out in the yard yesterday after J. was finished mowing, but shortly after we got this insanely intense thunderstorm that came out of nowhere. Hail, wind, lightning right over the house, a deluge of rain, and flickering power. It was nuts. Needless to say, yardwork didn’t happen. Could have done work inside the house, I suppose, but got sucked into a Raid by the folks from Tainted Legion in World of Warcraft (which rocked for me. I got my Shaman shoulders and a really fancy new belt. K. got a sweet Auction House drop that nobody needed, which is good because she hasn’t really won much in the raids we’ve gone on so far). Finished up there, made dinner (Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with Mushroom Alfredo sauce, Garlic bread sticks, and veggies) and got about another hour of gaming in with K. before going to bed at the ungodly early time of 9:45.

I’m trying to be responsible here, ya know? Trying to actually get to work on time.

Well, I still managed to stay in bed until after 6 this morning which had me running late. Got A. up and ready for school and browned some meat to throw in the crock pot so that J. and K. had something for dinner tonight while I was in Tampa. Normally on days like today my sister picks A. up for school after I leave, but I hadn’t been able to get in touch with her. Tried again this morning, but still no answer on her phone. So I had to email my boss and tell him I was going to be late. Just after 8 she finally called me back. Turns out that her house had been hit by lightning during that storm yesterday!! Her phones were fried, as was a television in their bedroom. All the battery operated devices in the house turned on at once. Really scary stuff! Nobody was hurt though, so that’s a plus.

In other “oh my god why are you writing about this trivial nonsense” news, I’ve decided to cut back on the caffeine. See, here’s the deal. I’m absolutely losing the ability to deal with stress without it physically affecting me. This includes stress at my job, in my household, even while playing WoW. The slightest thing goes off kilter and my neck starts locking up. The pain stretches down into my shoulders and generally makes life quite unpleasant. It’s gotten to the point where there is always some kind of constant, dull ache going on.

I’ve noticed that this began happening about the time I started drinking about 12 cups of coffee a day. Really strong coffee, too. I would make 8 cups of coffee using 12 scoops (supposed to be 1:1 ratio). Then I started making another half a pot sometime in the afternoon or early evening. Obviously I’ve heard before that high levels of caffeine can make it harder for you to handle stress. We’ve all heard that. Never really been a factor for me before, though. I guess it is now. Yay for getting older!

When I was at the height of my weight loss I had one cup of coffee and one caffeine free Diet Coke every day. Other than that I drank water. It’s looking like I might have to try to work myself back down to that again.


I enjoy coffee. That’s what really sucks. It’s not just that I drink it because I’m addicted. I really like the experience.

Maybe decaf?

This is the excitement that my life has become. Talking about yard work and switching to Decaf. Makes sense I’m getting grey hairs now.

In some interesting places, too.

I’m outtie.

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