Jul 252005

So one day during one of my occasional vanity searches I stumbled across this website. It’s a car dealership run by someone who I am in all likelihood at least distantly related to (McGreevy is not a common name). At the time, the web site had the following byline –

It’s cheap! It’s easy! It’s McGreevy!

Apparently my apparently dim relative figured out that being referred to as “Cheap and Easy” was perhaps not the best thing. For a while, though, thoemeringue and I got a kick out of using my last name to insult someone. “Shoo, girl. You so McGreevy!” *snap fingers*

The new byline isn’t quite so much fun, but hey…at least you now have the ability to use my last name as an adjective!

“Really, honey! We can get into this position! I promise! It’s not as hard as it looks! It’s McGreevy!”

That is all.

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