Jul 132005

I just got my second replacement video card. Installed it. Updated BIOS. Updated Drivers. Loaded WoW.

Within a matter of minutes the screen began to shred.

At this point I can only conclude that it is the second PCI-Express slot on my Motherboard that is the culprit. The only way I can truly test this is by putting the card that I know works in it. I’m not doing that. I’m done. Fuck SLI. Fuck it in it’s Bleeding Edge ass. Considering the difficulties I’ve now had with several of their motherboards, I have something to say about ASUS that I thought I’d never say.

I will never, ever, buy another ASUS product.

That’s sad. I remember when having an ASUS Motherboard was something to be proud of. If this is any indication of where they are now as a company they’ve fallen far.

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