Jul 102005

Murdock Roofing Inc.
430 ½ Douglas Avenue
Dunedin, FL 34698

To Whom It May Concern,

I have to admit that I am honestly surprised to find myself writing this letter. I decided to use the services of your company based on a glowing recommendation from a friend of mine who had heard similar praise on Angie’s List. For a while I, too, felt as though I was getting excellent service from you even though I was continuing to have difficulty getting my roof repaired. I can no longer say that I feel my experience has been satisfactory. To be frank, I now feel as though I have been swindled.

On June 27th, 2004, I had what was characterized as a minor repair done on my roof. While I was not thrilled to be paying $275 for the repair, I understood that replacing the roof would have been much more expensive and I was happy that I had not been forced to do so. The employee who came out was quick, polite, and professional. I couldn’t have been happier when he said it was repaired.

That was until it started leaking again in the same place.

I called, and the very next day someone came out to fix the roof. Again, I was told it was fixed. Again, it started leaking. This happened, if I recall correctly, two more times. Every time I was told it was fixed, and every time it started leaking again. This lasted all through the hurricane season last year. Finally, after the last storm and the last repair, it seemed like everything had finally sorted itself out.

Until summer hit again. And rainy season. Then my roof started leaking. Again. In the exact same place. I was still under warranty at this point, so I called and had the repair man come out yet another time. I was told it was finally fixed once in for all, and that he would extend my warranty an additional six months to make sure that it was.

Now, the roof is leaking again. In the same place, but WORSE. What had been a small drip in one place has now extended to several almost constant downpours during heavy rain. I have lost more ceiling tiles in my living room, and all of my patience. I had my fiancée call this time, and she was told that it was not the same leak without anyone even coming out to see if that was the case! She was then told that someone would call her back to discuss the possibility of having it looked at again. No call was ever received.

I do not claim to know anything about the roofing industry, but it would seem to me that at some point an effort would have been made to find the exact source of the leak from the inside. This has not happened. Could it be that this problem just can’t be fixed without replacing the roof? Perhaps. But I really would have liked to know that a year ago when I initially paid to have the leak repaired. At this point I do feel that I have thrown my money away. I dropped nearly $300 for a series of virtual band-aids that I theoretically could have done myself with a twenty dollar tarp and some masonry bricks.

At the bottom of my receipt it states that “At Murdock Roofing Inc. we really to take pride in our workmanship.” I would like to believe that, and for a while I did. Now that the initial warranty that is listed on my receipt has expired, though, I feel as though I’m being treated as a nuisance and ignored. I know that what I paid is probably a drop in the bucket compared to what you take in during the course of the year, especially with all the storms we have been having, but it was a lot to me. I do not feel that I am seeking anything above and beyond what I initially paid for.

I just want it to stop raining in my family room.

I have enclosed a copy of my receipt for your review. I look forward to hearing what kind of steps we can take together to resolve this situation.

Thank you.

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