Jul 282005

Scheduling all of your electronic payments to go through a day before payday is A VERY BAD THING.


And I took this vacation to relax. Stress levels are, at this very moment, off the charts.

Nothing I can do about it now, really.

Just sucks.

Jul 262005

Any of you locals have a table saw or a jig saw I can use to make two relatively small cuts sometime in the next few days?

I finally got the rest of the caulking done yesterday. I just have to put in one more piece of trim (that has to be sized down due to the AC vent), and the main body of work in the hall is finally complete. At that point it’s just a matter of painting the trim and touching up the wall paint in a few places.


Jul 262005

Meant to post this last week. In the context of the meeting it wasn’t nearly as dirty as it sounds, but considering who was in the audience we made it that way.

“Doesn’t being disciplined for a week feel good?”

– Karen (Weight Watchers Meeting Leader)

Jul 252005

So one day during one of my occasional vanity searches I stumbled across this website. It’s a car dealership run by someone who I am in all likelihood at least distantly related to (McGreevy is not a common name). At the time, the web site had the following byline –

It’s cheap! It’s easy! It’s McGreevy!

Apparently my apparently dim relative figured out that being referred to as “Cheap and Easy” was perhaps not the best thing. For a while, though, thoemeringue and I got a kick out of using my last name to insult someone. “Shoo, girl. You so McGreevy!” *snap fingers*

The new byline isn’t quite so much fun, but hey…at least you now have the ability to use my last name as an adjective!

“Really, honey! We can get into this position! I promise! It’s not as hard as it looks! It’s McGreevy!”

That is all.

Jul 252005

Ok, first of all read this.

If for nothing else, I love this show because every picture I’ve seen of the cast involves maladr1n in some sort of “What The Fuck?” pose.

That shit cracks me up. Every time.

Anyway…netgoth and I are going on opening night (the 5th). We’re dragging xanyboi along as well. Who else is in? I was challenged to round up a freak posse, and I’d love to meet that challenge.

So simple, so easy. It’s McGreevy!

I will explain the above in my next post.

Jul 212005

Hey all, who wants to go see March Of The Kitefliers with us? If so, when? I wanna go on either the preview night (August 4th) or opening night (5th), but I’m open to other suggestions if anyone has them.

I’m personally really excited about this show. When I first read the script it was great, and that was almost a year ago. From what I hear it is even better now.

Jul 192005

Is being generous too good for business?

What a bunch of asshats.

“He has been too benevolent,” (Kozloff) said. “He’s right that a happy employee is a productive long-term employee, but he could force employees to pick up a little more of the burden.”

Yeah, let’s fault a guy for making his company somplace that people acutally WANT TO WORK AT.