Jun 292005

So I’ve just finished listening to William Shatner’s new album Has Been.

I’m practically speechless.

It was really, really good. Not just from a slobbering fan boy perspective, either. The album is filled with pop music interlaced spoken word performances, very much along the lines of Henry Rollins (who he does a song called “I Can’t Get Behind That” with). It was produced and co-written by Ben Folds, and it’s miles away from being the cheap money grubbing cover album that everyone expected it to be. It is, for the most part, Shatner taking a deeply introspective look into his life and honestly displaying what he found for the world to see.

I’m dead serious. I can hear some of you laughing out there!

I expected to find myself laughing out loud at some of the tacky things on this album, and I did – but those moments were intentional, and they were seriously outnumbered by the number of times I sat here stunned at some of what I heard.

So now I’m listening to it again.


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