Jun 282005

So there is this video I have in my head. One day I might make it.

The video opens with a man sitting on a recognizeable Tampa Bay area waterfront landmark. The one in my head is the Pier in St. Petersburg. He quietly sits and stares out over the water, lost in thought. The opening chords for “One Day More!” from Les Miserables can be heard softly fading in under the sounds of the ocean. The man begins to sing Valjean’s part.

As the song progresses we are taken to various locations throughout the area, with “everyday” people singing parts of the song. A cop as Javert. A barkeeper as Thernardier. That kind of thing. Students at a USF coffee house. You get the idea. As the song reaches a crescendo all of the players are seen walking up the walkway towards the end of the pier. The final chords of the number are sung by them all as the sun rises behind them at the end of the pier.

The song ends, and everyone walks away. As if nothing happened.

Text overlay.

“Art Happens.

Yes, even in Tampa.”

Fade to black. Jobsite Logo.

Ok…it’s out of my head now. I may never actually produce it but that’s been running around in my head for a long assed time now and I had to purge it somehow.

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