Jun 272005

Well, it’s back to the daily grind here in the office. More so than usual, actually. I’m in the office today, and will be for the next two weeks while my boss is on vacation. I’m currently downloading new local copies of all of our web sites (so as not to miss any changes that were made in my absence), so while I wait for those to finish I shall record some thoughts here.

It felt so good to have a home cooked meal for dinner last night. I made cornish game hens, corn on the cob, steamed asparagus, stuffing, and green beans. Exquisite joy! My innards have already recovered from the greasy/fried/far too rich influx of food from last week.

My waist line hasn’t, though. Oy. It’s back to Weight Watchers on Thursday night, and I’m definitely not looking forward to what I’m going to see on the scale. I’m pretty sure I’ve gained back everything that I lost when I started over again with xanyboi and netgoth a few months ago and put a few more on to boot. Ugh.

Part of me wants to go off on yet another big “this is why I’m gaining weight and this is what I need to do about it” post, but I feel like it’s all been said so many times here that continuing to flog it is just making me sound silly. I know what has to be done. I’ve done it before, and if I need any current proof that it works all I have to do is look at xanyboi. Ah well. Try, try again as it were. No real point in moping about it. Not like that is going to solve the problem.

I really wanted to just slack off yesterday, but instead I spent most of the day catching up with stuff that accumulated over the last week. Mail. Receipts. Grocery Shopping. That kind of thing. Got some new duds for work, and picked up a copy of Swimming With Sharks. Truly warped movie, that one. Kevin Spacey at his “worst.” Very quotable movie as well.

When I got home from Vegas I had a lovely gift waiting for me. netgoth got me a back massager/heating pad for my office chair as a Father’s Day present. Joy! It works great, if not a bit loud. It even has a car adapter so if I’m going to be doing a road trip I can take it along for back relief. Whoo! Yet more proof that she is the bomb-diggity.

Not that I needed any more proof. The uncontrollable smile that broke out on my face when I saw her pull up at the airport is all the proof anyone would need. Or the look of utter contentment as I hold her and we go to sleep together.

Happy days, my friends.

Tonight, birthday dinner for the infamous donwaughesq. Cheers to you, old man! One more year under your belt. Proof that 3-D cannot be overcome!

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