Jun 242005

So…this 16 year old meme. It would be tempting. How often have I said “if I knew then what I know now?” Thing is, I’ve seen enough Sci-Fi to know that even the smallest amount of information can dramatically change the course of history, and I like where things are.

I remember once, when I was around that age, that I passed by a mirror in my high school and saw my reflection. But it wasn’t me then. It was an older me. Thinner. Content looking guy. I took comfort in seeing that. This brief flash, that was probably my imagination, set me at ease and has been the benchmark of my mindset ever since.

“It will all work out in the end.”

So that would be my message. Which has already been sent anyway. So I think, instead, I’d take the opportunity to go get a bit to eat at Wags.

I really, really want to see Bewitched. What can I say? Loved the original show, and the cast of the movie is awesome. Looks like a great “date” movie to me.

Then again, I also really, really want to see Land of the Dead. For similar reasons. Previous movies rocked, and the cast is awesome there as well. That, and there are zombies. Gotta love the zombies.

Went to Todai last night and did some sight seeing on the strip. Honestly? I think I like the downtown area better. It feels more like the Vegas you see in the movies. The Vegas of the Rat Pack and The Godfather. It’s slick, but at the same time it’s kind of grimy. Not everyone is pretty, and not everything is shiny. There are classy casinos next to places that sell fried twinkies. I like that. I like that a lot. The strip is amazingly impressive, but it feels like a theme park.

Ahh..you know what it feels like? A local comparison? “Old” Ybor vs. “New” Ybor. There’s a lot of really amazing stuff in the “New” Ybor, but it’s just not the same as the original.

Of course, I forgot my camera.

Anyway, some observations from last night –

The Todai in Tampa is bigger and better. How crazy is that?

There is a show called Fashionistas that is supposed to be this really intense erotic show. Looks like everyone in it just left The Castle. I think I’ll stick with the Castle. The admission is less and the music is better.

The manager of the Godiva shop in the Dessert Passage is an incredibly open, charming, and funny woman. Unfortunately they do not sell Godiva Chocolate Liquer.

Finding Vegas oriented souvenir t-shirts for young boys that they will think are cool but are not inappropriate is damned near difficult. So far it’s been impossible.

I have definitely gained weight since getting here. Quite a bit of it, if I don’t miss my guess. Not only that, but eating like I have been is quite likely to cause my ass to literally explode.

My back is really a mess.

Considering those last two thoughts, I’m very glad to be going home tomorrow.

But I’ve had an absolute blast.

Yay for company training!

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