Jun 222005

Well, I was supposed to go hang out with some of the guys from class tonight, but they said they were going to call at 6:30 and had not done so by 7:30, so I ventured out on my own. I hadn’t been feeling really well at all, and almost considered just going to bed, but I figured I’d at least go get some dinner. Went to the Golden Gate Casino. It’s one of the oldest hotels in Vegas and home of the infamous $5.95 Prime Rib Dinner special. I did not end up getting that. They had a 12oz on the menu for 9.95 where you could get different sides (I wanted mashed potatoes) and a salad (which costs $1.50 more on the special). Got that and a bowl of chilli. The food, as the name of the place implies (Golden Gate Diner), is typical Diner fare. But at those prices it was pretty damned good. The Prime Rib was quite tasty, and I left happy and full. Came back to the Casino and threw some money in the slot machines. I started with about $6 and was about to be out of money when I scored about $90. I said I would quit at either 100 or 50, and walked away at 50. Went to the roulette table and put $10 on 28 black (minimum bet).

Sorry, Ross. We’re still poor.

Considered doing some blackjack after that, but decided to call it quits while I was ahead. Up $40 for the night.

I realize I’m not going to come home rich this way, but I’m keeping myself entertained and not losing money. I’m sure that after Star Trek tomorrow night Harrison and I will probably play some Blackjack. That’s his game.

Saw the same Freemont street show that I saw last night. Boo.

And with that I’m calling it a night.

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