Jun 212005

When I left the training center today I made a wrong turn and ended up at Fry’s Electronics. I swear. I wanted to go there, but not today. Ah well. The place is HUGE, but I didn’t buy anything. I wasn’t in the mindset to shop, and spending money in that state is no fun.

I came back to the hotel and finally got some of the real “Vegas Experience” in. Popped down to The Buffet and grabbed a bit to eat. Was $13 bucks, and pretty decent fare for the price. I managed to get full but didn’t overstuff myself. After I was done there I finally managed to figure out the slot machines and threw actorkat‘s quarter in.

Sorry, Kat. You’re still working next year.

I emptied out the rest of the change in my pocket ($1.75 if I’m not mistaken) and managed to make it last about an hour. I was up over $50 at one point, but when I finally walked away I was at $30. Not too terribly shabby, if I do say so myself.

I believe tomorrrow I shall be placing that wager for ross_winn. Of course, he never gave me the $5 so if I win giving any money to him is entirely optional. Heh.

Afterwards I wandered out on to Freemont street and did some more exploring. Got a fried twinkie. A little dissapointing, to be honest. Pretty much tasted like an eclair. Saw the light show, talked with some folks (even the damned tourists are friendly and chatty here) and made my way back here.

Now I’m going to chill out for a bit before bed.

Added a few new pictures.

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