Jun 202005

So, according to the brochure that they gave us Applebee’s is “walking distance” from the training center. I’m assuming that they don’t figure on having Canadian’s in the class when they say that. It’s about 4 blocks away, in 105° heat. One of the poor guys was completely red by the time we got back.

Me? A bit of a sweat. Nothing much. Drinking lots of water, though, just to be safe.

Lunch ended up being free. I have managed to stay relatively “good” eating wise today. Had a bagel with cream cheese and ONE doughnut this morning (even though the tray, which is still out there, beckoned to me often to return). Got a Thai Pizza and an order of Onion Peels at Applebee’s (which, as those who have dined with me know, would usually have been a Thai Pizza Appetizer with some entree on top of it). Only drank water, and turned down the free dessert that was offered to me because there was a RAW chicken tender at the bottom of my onion peel basket. I laughed it off, though. No big deal. I’ve worked in the service industry before and I know accidents happen. The manager comped my lunch, though, even though I didn’t complain.

Now if only that stuff would happen when I was actually footing the bill.

netgoth – sorry I didn’t call. I didn’t have time to before we had to be back in class.

Oh, BTW…my mail server port is blocked from here, so if for some reason any of you want to email me during the day you can use my gmail address – mcmcgreevy.

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