Jun 202005

I found the training center, and am currently waiting for the class to begin. I guess it starts at 8:30. Oops. I was a bit early. Regardless, I can’t get to my email from here (they have the port blocked), and I wanted to get notice out to my boss that I was here.

Heh…just told one of the other attendees about where I am staying. He’s jealous. Muwahahaha.

Mmmm…Doughnuts (and yes, actorkat, there is indeed a gym in the hotel).

Turns out the guy who is running the training facility is from Tampa. We just had a conversation about it. Believe it or not, he came here to get out of the heat. Go figure.

Whee. Class still hasn’t started. Just registered for my science classes at SPC for the Fall. Need to go ahead and get those finished and get my AA out of the way.

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