Jun 202005

So my big, bad day of exploring Las Vegas was a total bust. After I made my last post I went ahead and took a nap, having every intention to get up around 5:30 PM and go exploring. I ended up sleeping until almost 11:00 PM. I didn’t even shower. Just put on the same clothes I had worn all day and stumbled downstairs to get something to eat. The Buffet was closed and I didn’t want overpriced Italian or Japanese, so I ended up eating at the Carson St. Cafe. Not too bad. Had some Spring Rolls and a Reuben Sandwich with fries. The spring rolls were kind of boring, but the spicy mustard had an interesting twist. There was wasabi in it. A lot of it. I’ve never had that before. The Reuben was yummy. Just the right amount of greasy goodness. Thick and spicy steak fries topped it off. Twenty-two bucks with tip. Certainly not one of the infamous “cheap Vegas” dinners, but not too bad. I still came well below my &75 daily food allowance.

After I ate I went over to the casino and got a drink. Gambled at the bar while I drank it. Spent $1. Lost it pretty quickly. I still need to find a place where I can just drop a quarter in a slot machine for actorkat. Most of the machines I’ve seen haven’t been clear on if they take quarters, and I’m embarassed to ask. I so don’t want to look like an “easy mark.” Which, obviously, I am…but still…

I wandered out on to Freemont Street after that. Didn’t take any pictures, but I will tonight. I’m staying on the street you see in all the classic Vegas movies. The one with the big, glowing Cowboy on it. Thing is you don’t drive down that street any more. They have it closed off and do this huge light show on ceiling that stretches 5 blocks over the street. There was no show that I saw last night. There is a place across the street that sells fried twinkies and oreos, but the greasy reuben and booze gave me a stomach ache and I didn’t risk it last night.

So I went back to my room.

Yep. That was my big adventure. I’m so cool.

There is no coffee machine in this hotel room. Boo.

My back already hurts from the bed. Heh. Should be in fine shape by the end of the week.

One of my initial thoughts is that everyone here, from a service perspective, has been REALLY nice. I suppose that’s probabaly something I should have expected, but I guess I figured that with the number of tourists they deal with they wouldn’t be so friendly. Totally not the case. From the rental car agent and the guy who drove the shuttle to the hotel and wait staff everyone has been very open and chatty. It’s pretty cool.

Oh, and my new “No, I will not fix your computer” shirt? Total hit. I had people stopping me all day yesterday to comment on it. Geek Attire FTW!

Alex remembered to call me yesterday just to wish me Happy Father’s Day. That totally made my day. I probably have his Mother and Step-Father to thank for that.

I do think I needed the sleep, though. Badly. All told I slept for 14 hours.

Tonight I think I’m going to hit the local Todai. There is a coupon for $5 off in a magazine that was in my room. All you can eat sushi! Whoo hoo! I’ll try to remember to take some pictures today, too.

I miss my family a lot. Especially netgoth. It was very, very hard to get comfortable without her next to me.

Oh well. Off to get cleaned up and find some coffee and breakfast before I go to class. Will report back when I get to the room again. Which will be even later than I thought. This isn’t central time. It’s Pacific. I’m 3 hours behind what I’m used to. Yay jet lag!

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