Jun 102005

Four years ago yesterday one of my oldest friends was killed by the police in California.

He’s been on my mind a bit recently. Little reminders, mostly. I’ve been making these really yummy sandwiches and using ranch dressing instead of mayonnaise. Beau used to come over to my house and do that. We were singing “Que Serra Serra” backstage a week or so ago. Beau and I got in a lot of trouble once when he belted that song at 2AM after we watched Heathers.

Subtle little things, but they are there. And they have made me smile.

I would not have consciously remembered that this was the anniversary of his death were it not for some of our mutual friends reminding me. Not only am I horrible with dates to begin with, but the sheer number of deaths that have surrounded me in the last five years is simply overwhelming.

You see, this month also marks the fifth anniversary of my Father’s Death. I don’t remember the exact date.

It’s kind of funny, but I’m sitting here trying to remember everyone who has died since 2000…and I can’t.

There have been too many of them. It’s blurred.

If this is all part of getting older, you can friggin’ keep it.

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