May 162005

Our boys have expressed a serious interest in playing Dungeons and Dragons. So much so that J. wants to buy a Player’s Handbook and his own dice.

I am of the opinion that gaming is a very positive thing for a child to do. That it encourages critical thinking, reading, and imagination. I also happen to think it’s damned fun. So I am, obviously, behind this idea 100%.

Once Machinal closes we are going to start a weekly game. The first meeting of this will most likely occur around the 4th of July weekend (our 2 year anniversary, interestingly enough).

Any locals interested in joining? Obviously I don’t want it to be too big, but I think we could fit a few more folks in.

The truly interesting thing about this, from a personal perspective, is that this is the first time I’m going to try creating a world from the ground up as opposed to using a campaign setting. Could be interesting, could be a disaster.

We’ll see.

Any of you GM’s out there have experience with cartography software you’d care to share?

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