May 152005

The good news is that I think I’ve figured out why my video has been so crappy while playing World of Warcraft recently.

The bad news is that it’s because one of my two SLI cards has already crapped out. It’s been a slow failure, with a complete breakdown occuring yesterday. I thought it was a software issue, but that really didn’t seem to be making sense to me (as it was a slow degradation). This morning I made sure all the most current software was installed and tried going into the game with SLI enabled. Total garbage. Almost unrecognizeable. Turned off SLI. Pretty. Took out secondary card. Pretty. But secondary card in primary slot and removed old primary. Garbage.

So yeah, I’ll be calling Leadtek on Tuesday to arrange a replacement.

It’s covered under warranty and I know why I’m having problems now, so I’m not really upset. It’s just annoying.

Oh well. Bleeding edge woes continue. 🙂

Edit And even with only one 128 Meg PCI-Express video card the game still runs like buttah. In fact, I’m pretty sure that up until the latest patch from Blizzard it was only using one video card anyway.

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