May 082005

Having seen them twice I can honestly say that VNV Nation is just about the best live band I’ve ever had the honor of seeing. One of the things I like the most is Ronan’s communication with the audience. Both times he has been witty, amiable and charming. In that regard he reminds me of Warren Zevon or Tori Amos.

You know what else I like about him? The fact that he has a good sense of humor (for the most part) about the SimRonan stuff (a parody of him by a guy named Bogart that he joked about the last time we saw him) and he doesn’t have that angsty artist “you must appreciate my new material” business going on. Don’t get me wrong – I understand putting out new stuff, but I hate it when you go to see a band and they hardly play any of the songs that made them famous or you get a feeling like they resent doing so. David Bowie, as much as I love him, often seems to take that attitude about his older stuff and (If I’m not mistaken) has vowed not to play it anymore. Me? I’d be sorely disapointed if I saw Bowie and he didn’t play “Changes.”

Anyway, last night before playing “Beloved” Ronan asked the crowd “How many of you came here tonight JUST to hear this song?”

The crowd went crazy.

He said “Thank You” and bowed.

That’s some serious gratitude right there.

So yeah. Great concert. Great friends. Teasing the ladies with the kilt. Dancing next to netgoth on the floor.

HELL of a night.

To all the women in my life who are Mothers, Step-Mothers or Grandmothers…but especially to My Mother, My Sisters, and My amazing other half netgoth

Happy Mothers Day

Anyone who knows me knows that I owe what I am to the two women who raised me. My Dad left early, so it was My Mom and Sister who really taught me to be the Man who I turned out to be. Sure, in some respects that might have made me a bit more effeminate than I would have been had I been raised by a Man, but I’m pretty damned happy with the overall result, personally.

Being a Mother has got to be one of the hardest jobs around, and doing it alone has got to be next to impossible. My Mom had my Sister to help with me. K – You’ve pretty much done it on your own. For that you have my utmost respect and admiration, even if you don’t always feel like you have done a good job. You’ve never given up on J., no matter how hard it’s been, and that makes you an awesome Mom in my book. Some day he’s going to thank you for that. It might be a long time coming, but he will.

To my sister, K. – Happy First Mother’s Day, kiddo. I remember what it was like having A. around your age and I do not envy you some of the rough times you have ahead. M. is a beautiful baby, though, and you’re doing a hell of a job so far. I’m proud of you.

I love you all.

I would be lax if I didn’t mention two other people. blood4fngrpaint – Call me crazy, but I almost feel like an extended family member as I watch little Ronin grow inside of you. You are one of the cutest pregnant Mom’s I’ve ever seen, and I really look forward to watching you guys raise him. He’s going to be an awesome kid.

And last, but not least…Respect to my ex. You and I were meant to do one thing in the grand scheme of the universe – Bring A. into the world. Despite what happened between us and the disputes we still have on occasion, I will never deny that you have been a kick ass Mother to my Son, and for that you will always have some amount of respect from me.

I’m off. Got some goofin’ off I want to do before I start with the Mothers Day cooking. Hope you guys are having a great day.

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