May 072005

..but is it even worth it to get upset anymore when the cable company people make you nervous by not showing up until the very tail end of their appointment window? The last time this happened they didn’t show up at all, and we got some kind of incredible bullshit story about how he was there but nobody answered the door (did he call? noooo) so they just closed the ticket.

Lovely, huh?

So yeah, we’re waiting for them to come and fix whatever it is that is causing our internet connection to be craptastic. It’s been frustrating. What really frightens me is that most of my friends don’t have Business Class and actually have to jump through a bunch of lame hoops before they even get to a technician.

In other news, I got my annual review this week. It was great. Got the maximum available increase. Whoo!

I’m pretty tired at the moment, which kinda sucks because we’re going to see VNV tonight.

Umm…that’s it.

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