May 022005

I guess it’s just an odd coincidence, but yesterday I pointed out a bird I had never seen before to netgoth and frith_lord after it started using our new bird feeder. It was really quite pretty, but none of us had any real clue as to what it was. Today there was a picture of that type of bird on the front page of the St. Petersburg Times Floridian section.

It was a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.

We got the shed cleaned out yesterday. Wow, what a difference. You can actually move around in there now! We were able to get most of the gardening stuff that has been residing on our back porch in there so that it’s out of our way when we want to spend time on the porch.

I absolutely love what netgoth has been doing with our back yard. It’s really inspiring me to do more outside. On the bad side of that, I’m forgetting to put on sun screen and getting nice and lobstery after working out there. Oops.

No, the hall still isn’t finished. Heh. Nor did the fence get stained. I had a lot less motivation this weekend then I thought I was going to. I went to A’s baseball game in the morning, which we lost. What sucks is that, yet again, the game could have been tied by Alex at the last minute. We were down by three runs with two guys on base and two outs. Last inning of the game. He struck out. For some reason the fates keep putting games in his hands. It happened a lot on his old team, too. It’s so gut wrenching. I mean, it’s great when he pulls it out and becomes the team hero, but it sucks when he doesn’t and everyone is so obviously dissapointed. Not in him per se, but that doesn’t mean he won’t take it that way. He tries to put a brave face on it, but his whole demeanor changes. Like his hold man, he wears his emotions on his sleeve.

Other than that, we went to tomakins birthday party and proceeded to spend all the rest of the day vegetating. At least, I did. Had no energy to go out dancing on Saturday night (I was yawning on the way home from the party at 6). My body wanted me to rest, and rest I did.

I felt much better on Saturday.

Haven’t had a smoke in five weeks. Whoo!

Watched Mystery Men for the first time last night. No idea why the movie got panned as badly as it did. While it wasn’t Academy Award caliber stuff it was quite entertaining. Interesting enough to make me stay up way too late watching it, anyway.

Tomorrow is my two year anniversary at my job. I might get my review today, but it probably won’t be until Thursday (have to come into the office for a meeting). It seems really hard to believe that two years have passed since I posted about getting this job. Even harder to believe that I’ve kept this blog for five years now.

My how time flies.

Ok…monthly time consumer is done. Back to the grind.

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