May 282005

Machinal opens on June 2nd.

The Paid Preview night is Wednesday, June 1st. Tickets are half price for this performance. If you have wanted to catch one of our shows but don’t feel you can afford it, this is a great opportunity for you to see what we’re about.

Two hour rehearsal today, and then a 10 (technically 12) hour one tomorrow. Exhaustion time approaches. Snarkiness has already begun and will probably be in full effect tomorrow. Ahh, Hell Week. We love you so.

Looking forward to friends coming over tonight. The first “public” outing of the grill.

It’s going to be a long day, and I’m tired already. Hopefully I just haven’t woken up yet.

May 272005

I ran into one of my ninth grade theater teachers, Kerry Glamsch, at a showing of Girls Guide To Chaos a few weeks ago. He wanted my contact info, but I forgot to get it to him. mollyq gave me his address and I wrote him this morning. Now we’re catching up, and he is asking if I’m interested in working with him on a show.

Everything comes full circle, I guess. Too bad it’s not another staged version of an Edward Gorey story.

May 272005

After watching enough news, I’ve concluded that we’re all doomed…Thus, the only sane response is to sit in a box and drink beer from a hat.

– “Rat”, Pearls Before Swine, Stephen Patsis

May 262005

Ok, gang. If you don’t mind, please check in here and let me know if you’re coming on Saturday and how many people you are bringing if you are. I need to order the cake today and I want to make sure I get enough. In case you aren’t clear, we are planning on 6PM Saturday.

If you’re bringing some kind of dish or something to throw on the grill, or if you have any special dietary concerns, please comment to that effect here as well.


May 222005

Huge Friggin’ Shrimp + Olive Oil + Freshly Squeeze Lemon + Kosher Salt + Super Spiffy New Grill = Holy Crap my stomach is happy.

Throw in some steak and I’m damned near orgasmic.

I love my new grill.

May 202005

In re : The post I made yesterday.

It just occured to me that it might have been interpreted as an angry response to finding out that I was dropped from hel_ana‘s friends list. It was not. Truth be told, it was a result of happenings in other places and certain people generally being pricks about the whole Star Wars thing (there was a lot of really insulting rhetoric being tossed around yesterday). I didn’t find out about the deflisting until after that, and have no problem whatsoever with her decision to do so.

This may very well have been unnecessary, but in the recent drama laden waters I want to make sure there isn’t any chum floating around to attract the sharks.

And yes, you read correctly. I made an angry post as a result of people insulting Star Wars fans.

I am a geek.

I own it.

We defend our own.

If anybody is making fun of them, damn it, it’s going to be me.