Apr 012005

Yeah, I’m trying to get you to spend money again. Sue me.

As many of you know my son, Alex, has Type I Diabetes. While he has largely learned to live with it, I can still see the frustration behind his eyes every time I have to say to him “because you have diabetes.” He will never be able to just have a meal without worrying whether or not it will affect his blood sugar. He currently has to give himself injections at least twice a day and stick a small needle into his finger to check his blood sugar more frequently than that.

His situation is not the worst possible situation a person could face by any means, but seeing him go through it as his Father tears me up inside.

Why post about this? Because etcet contacted me recently and asked if Alex could possibly benefit from his taking part in a walk to raise money for Diabetes research. Alex is not directly involved with the organization in question, but any money that goes towards research in that field is money well spent as far as I’m concerned and I told him as much. As I read in his journal today, he did indeed decide to take part in the walk, so I thought I would post a link to his donation page and see if I could drum up some more money for him. I mean he is, essentially, walking for my son. It’s only fitting I try to help out.

So anyway…Go donate some money, ya bastiges.

Side note – Through this and other recent examples I am becoming more and more aware of just how lucky I am to have met etcet. Yet another thing I have netgoth to thank for.

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