Mar 222005

I realize that it’s awful silly of me to have thought so, but I was really hoping that I would be “over” it all by now.

I’m not.

I’m not sad and crying every day or anything like that, but I’m…off kilter. I cannot relax. I’ve had tensions/stress in my neck since I came back from Orlando. It hurts. Badly. I’m being oversensitive and fighting not to snap at anyone in the house, and worrying that all of this is making me unbearable to live with and alientaing the people I love.

This trip to Jacksonville will, hopefully, be good. Just what I need. A few days alone with K. and no kids.

Ok, not exactly alone…But away from the kids anyway.

Shit…I can’t even write this right now. My neck is throbbing and I’ve got emails hitting me left and right from work.

So not so major.

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