Mar 162005

Ok, first of all…a not so serious thing. I have a link to the head shots that were taken on Saturday, and I’m looking for opinions.

I’m pretty partial to the fourth picture in the first row at this point.


It’s over.

He’s gone and buried. The services are done. The funeral clothes have all been taken off and the food has been put away. Life can begin again.

I’ve cried more in the last 24 hours than I have in as long as I can remember. I cried more than when I lost my Father.

I think know what did it to me. Seeing my Mom. Seeing her try to be strong. Seeing the moments she failed. Seeing her anguish.

Hearing the Hawaiian music.

They will never go to Hawaii together again.

That’s absolutely tearing me up.

There were two moments that got to me that weren’t centered around my Mom.

The first was during the service. The priest asked us to reach out to the people around us. A very typical Catholic tradition (at least in this church). ross_winn got up and walked from the back of the cathedral to the front row, where I was sitting, just take my hand. Nobody else moved from their pew. He didn’t care. He wanted to be there for me.

Getting choked up again writing about it.

Also got choked up when they played Taps.

I’m alone in a hotel in Orlando for a conference. I’d honestly rather be home, but life goes on.

netgoth showed to me over the last few days, yet again, why I made the right choice in choosing. She wasn’t just there for me. She was there for US. She hugged my Mother and held her while she cried. She sat next to my Mom to keep her company during the service. She held Lu while she had her own break down over the hula dance (yep, it got us both).

I am drained to the point of exhaustion over this.

One positive thing came from this. I know now, more than ever, that I do not want my funeral service to be given by a stranger. I want it to be someone who knows me well enough to make the service fitting to who I am.

To be honest, if they outlive me, I cannot think of a better way to be remembered than to have the bad boys of abridgement give The Complete History of Michael C. McGreevy : Abridged.

THAT would be a funeral to remember, my friends, and that’s the kind of thing I’d want.

And everyone would have to promise to go home that night and have sex in my honor.

Aww yeah.

See, I’m smiling a bit now.

Ok, time to see if WoW is really going to work on this thing so I can possibly spend some time with my amazing fiancee.

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