Feb 282005

Ok, I do a lot of shilling for The Jobsite Theater here on my blog mainly because I’m involved with them and know what’s going on there and around the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. What I’m pushing today is something I’m not involved in and that you most likely haven’t heard of. If, however, you’re not a fan of corporate radio you may want to check it out.

The Shape Of Things To Come is the only Prime Time, Sunday Evening Radio show that plays “dark” music. It supports and showcases artists and events that you will not hear anywhere else on the airwaves. Go and check out the playlists. Where else on the radio are those bands played? theonebob has been on in the air for, I believe, 17 years with this show. His show is a mix of the familiar and the obscure, sometimes reminding you of bands you haven’t listened to in years or inspiring you to check out someone new. It’s not all “doomy gloomy” music, either. Like any good “goth,” Bob has the ability to see the lighter side of the scene (prompting Voltaire to jokingly quip that “T’Pau is NOT GOTH” to me when discussing the show at Dream Con ’04).

If you’re asking yourself why you should support a show that plays in New York, I’d point out that the station streams all of their shows on the internet and that many of Bob’s past shows are available on Live365.com.

More than anything, though, Bob is a good friend of mine and this show means a lot to him. I’ve donated, and so has netgoth. Yeah, it’s money that could have gone to a million other things, but sometimes helping out a friend is more important. If you’ve got the financial ability to throw a few bucks his way, take a moment and do so. Despite what you may think, even a $5 or $10 donation can go a long way towards helping him reach his pledge goals. If you donate $35 or more you can pick a gift from a list of pretty spiffy CD’s that he has available as well.

Oh, and if you’re inclined to do so please do it today. Like, right now. I probably should have made this post weeks ago. I think today is the last day of the drive.

Ok, that’s it for my shilling. Thanks for reading!

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