Feb 262005

Almost exactly two years ago today I was at the lowest weight I have ever been in my adult life. 234 pounds. I was 9 pounds away from my goal of 225 pounds.

Today I weigh 272 pounds.

I’ve backslid a total of 38 pounds. It didn’t come all at once, and to be frank I’ve weighed a bit more than I do now during that period. I’ve pretty much fluxuated between 250 and 275 that whole time.

But it scares me. I’m not excercising for shit anymore, I’m not making sure to get my water in, and I’ve been doing the compulsive eating thing a LOT.

Just something in my head this morning.

I’m sick. Pretty strong one, too. I think I’m feeling better this morning than I did yesterday, but I haven’t gotten rolling yet. It’s going to be a crazy day. I’ve got a baseball game to go to at 8:30, and then two performances of Boys today (one of them for the HARC residents).

Once I get out of here I’m pretty much not going to stop until 11:00 PM.


They put off R. coming home until Monday. Mom came to see the play last night with my oldest nephew. They had a good time, I think. Mom has a great “brave face.” I get it from her.

Unless I’m blogging, it seems.


Going to be a long day.

Better go get to it.

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