Feb 252005

The Boys Next Door is running through March 6th. Audience response has been great for this show, and tickets are selling fast. I realize that I said the same thing with Playing With Fire, but I really feel that this is some of my personal best work and I’d love to share it with my friends. If you’re coming, let me know and I’ll look for you after the show.

On Monday and Tuesday the Jobsite Theater offers yet another Job-Side project for your viewing pleasure. The House Of Yes opens at 8PM on both days, and admission is a $3 suggested donation at the door. There is a great cast for this show, and if See Bob Run was any indicator of the type of thigns we’re going to see from the Job-Side projects $3 is a steal.

Also on the cheap entertainment front…Wednesday night you have a chance to witness the “coming out” of a new group of stand-up comedians with Is This Thing On?. My friend “ranney” has been teaching a stand up class at the Patel Conservatory and this show is their first big performance in front of a live audience. I can’t remember how many students he said he had, but I believe it was over 10. Admission is only $4.50. How often do you get a chance to see that many comedians for so little cash?

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