Feb 242005

Mixed Results

You know, I’ll be honest. Despite how they may sound, I haven’t been bothered by any of the reviews that have come out about this show. The large majority of the negative feedback centered around the script, and frankly we knew that was a danger going in to this one. Ned even said so, at the very beginning of the process. He did some internet searches before we started and most of the reviews around the country said the same thing.

We thought we could give it a better feeling of cohesion. We didn’t. No big deal. Maybe it’s just not possible with the script as it is.

How can you be upset by a review that calls your work “impeccable,” though? One in which the cast is referred to as “hugely talented,” “Tampa’s best actors,” and “a live Who’s Who of Bay area theater?” I certainly can’t.

To be perfectly frank, my friends…my acting work is immensely rewarding on a personal level, but a little recognition every once in a while certainly doesn’t suck. And this was some very nice recognition.

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