Feb 222005

Ahh, tedium…thy name is download, and thy progeny is a thought dump.

So, Hunter is dead. Suicide. To be perfectly frank, I can’t find it within me to get truly upset by this. Yes, I’ll miss both him and his work. That’s not the issue. It’s just not a surprise to me. I never thought Hunter would be a man that would go out lying down, and I’ve got a funny feeling inside that the reason he did what he did is because he thought that soon it wasn’t going to be possible. I’m leaning towards cancer. Hell, look at the life he led…The man was a poster boy for cancer, and I’m frankly surprised it didn’t take him sooner. Considering the history I’ve had with cancer, I really can’t blame him if it was the case. I’ve pretty well decided that if they ever diagnose me I’m not going to let them treat me. Fuck that noise. I’ve seen far too many loved ones (R. being the most recent) go through painful and debilitating treatments that totally made them miserable and didn’t help one bit. Christ, R. went downhill one week AFTER his injections ended.

Five weeks of intense pain and discomfort for nothing.

No thanks.

Did I digress a bit there? Why yes, I think I did.

Yes, I’m a little bit bitter right now. No, I’m a lot bitter. I’m doing the best I can to stay positive and not let this get me down, but it just pisses me off to no end. Mom and R. were supposed to go to Las Vegas together, damnit. We were pretty sure when they did he was going to marry her. One more trip. It’s all they needed.

Oh well. People in hell need ice water, right?


A. called me last night to tell me that he got hit in the face by a baseball last night. Not once, but twice! He had a bloody nose and a fat lip. That’s my boy! Coordination runs in the family, don’t ya know? He also called me the night before that to tell me that he was on the Honor Roll again. Two terms in a row! Whoo! Wish I could claim that one as mine, but while he gets some of the smarts from me the “paying attention and doing your work in school” gene comes right from his Mother. By the time I was his age my Mom was already fighting with me to pay attention in school.

And speaking of A.’s Mother…I got one of those 20 question type chain emails from her this morning, and I am yet again confused as to how we got together in the first place. This isn’t a dig at her or what she likes to do at all, it’s just that reading this thing makes me realize that the only thing we seem to have in common these days is our love for our son and Boar’s Head deli meats. Other than that? Nada. It doesn’t seem like it was always that way, but if it was she was hiding it for my benefit. Which isn’t good at all and is very likely one of the many reasons she became so unhappy in the relationship.

I got a serious reprieve in my Biology class this weekend. I had a big section due on Saturday. Two activities and a quiz. I woke up fairly early with the intention of getting it done before needing to leave for my performance Saturday night. There was only one problem. I thought it was due by Midnight. It was due by 8 AM.


3 Zeroes would not have been good at all. Luckily I logged into the class last night to print out one of my labs and I discovered that the professor had extended the due date by two days because of server errors over the weekend. I had four hours to get it done!

Whoo hoo! My “A” holds steady, just by the hair on my chinny chin chin.

I finally got back into EQII last night and ran around for a little bit with celestialaddict. My opinion still holds pretty firm at this point. It’s pretty, and it’s definitely an improvement over EQ, but I don’t think I’m sold on it. Not only that, but…

Side rant…

I’m really tired of the lowbie game in the MMORPG’s. It seems like every time I’m on the verge of having one of my characters break through a barrier and into the high end levels something turns my focus from it. I had my first EQ character up to 31 before I switched servers, and then I got my Bard up to around the same place before switching to CoH. There, my main is 29…but I haven’t regularly played him in weeks because I’ve been playing WoW. THERE I’ve got characters all over the damn place, and the highest one of them is 18th level. I think one of the contributing factors in my lukewarm response to MxO is the fact that I’m just tired of starting over.

I realize you can’t win these games, at least in the traditional sense, but there is no question that at the higher levels you get in on some really nifty content, and I’d like to see some of that. Hell, I never even participated in a raid while playing EQ.

So I think I’m sticking with two games and two characters. I might log one of my alts for a special occasion (I’m thinking primarily of my Taxibot in CoH), but I think the rest of my characters are going to start getting dusty (and yes, that includes my Alliance characters on Lothar…I’m sorry, but compared to the Horde the Alliance is just boring).

Hooray for totally meaningless content in my blog.

Is this download finished yet?

Oh, look…14 hours to go.


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