Feb 152005

So, the flowers showed up last night after all.

Interesting, that. K. thinks that UPS might have figured out what was going on and sent them over special. I can’t say for sure. I’m still pissed, though, as the surprise was ruined. Going back to FTD, Methinks.

R.? The issue that sent him to the hospital was an ulcer. The cancer has actually shrunk. He was in bad shape because he hadn’t been eating. Mixed with the ulcer the situation was creating a large amount of bile in his stomach. He’s going to be in the hospital until Wednesday to get his fluids and what not back up, but he should be coming home after that.

Death Watch cancelled.

I’m still nervous as hell about the show.

Everyone who has seen it says we’re doing great, and as a general rule they aren’t the type to blow smoke up someone’s ass just to make them feel better (a behavior that just hurts the show in the long run). So, I guess we’re going to be OK.

And on that note….The paid preview is tomorrow (Wednesday) night. Tickets are only $10, so if you’re on a limited budget and want to see the show tomorrow night is the night to do it. netgoth, frith_lord and xanyboi should be in attendance (not that it will be the only time that netgoth sees it, I’m sure).

Speaking of xanyboi, it occurs to me yet again how in my adult life I have continued traditions that were started by those who influenced me growing up. I sometimes wonder how many people Anne housed in all the years she was alive…especially after buying her house in St. Petersburg? Just off the top of my head I can think of ross_winn, billified, Bartlett, Ed, spud, the Jewish guy with the really big mustache that was part of the Holodeck Experience (can’t remember his name), Luke, Logan…I think maybe satyrkat might have ended up there for a while as well…and the list goes on.

Lots of lives touched.

I miss her.

Hrm…maudalin thoughts for a morning…time to move on beyond that.

A big, silly, happy birthday to our favorite teenaged PITA…frith_lord! I started the day of torture off right by banging on his door and yelling “HappyBirthday!HappyBirthday!HappyBirthday!”

Ahhh, being a parent is so much fun sometimes.

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