Feb 102005

netgoth sent a text message to my phone offering a cash reward. A few moments later Target called. I guess someone found it in the parking lot. The phone is in their safe!


I got an invoice from Newegg about the CPU. Apparently it’s not a replacement. They are sending the “damaged” CPU back to me. I’ll take a look at it when I get it and see if the bent pin is as bad as they say it is. I’m NOT going to put it in my current MOBO to find out, though. No fucking way.

Maybe I’ll just get a less expensive 939 MOBO and hope for the best.

Orrrr….those of you who reponded to my post yesterday and are in the market for new computers, I’ll make you this offer. I’ll send/give you the processor and you can get a Motherboard. If the processor works, you can give me $165 for it. If not, send it back to me and get your own processor. Obviously if you aren’t in the market for a new machine this wouldn’t be a wise thing to do, but if you are it could save you some money. The original price of the processor was $265. I’ll knock $100 off of that.

Any takers?

So…boo on that.

I wanted to get a new coffee maker last night, but Target didn’t have what I was looking for. I want a grind and brew unit, damnit. I did some searching this morning, and the cheapest I could find one was for $99.

Until I went to Overstock.com that is.

Behold, the refurbished coffee maker goodness. spprs, this is mainly for you. I know you were envious of maladr1n when he got one.

Hooray on that!

Know what the best part of the morning was?

Waking up next to netgoth Yes, I realize I do that every morning…but this morning it was one of those days when I particularly noticed how warm she felt in my arms. How smooth her skin was. How beautiful she is when she is sleeping.

Super, duper, uber Hooray on that.

How has your morning been, folks?

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