Feb 102005

So, you think you know me, hey? Ok, let’s put you to the test – answer the questions behind the cut as best you can (NO CHEATING!). The point of this is to prove just how much your LiveJournal friends really know about you, so don’t look at my profile or sneak a peek at any pictures for help!! Once you’re done, I will let you know what you got right. Feel free to copy and paste this in your own journal to see how much YOUR friends know about YOU!

To the instructions above, I will add this: if you don’t know, but you want to play anyway, you can do what I did (because I am lame) in Don’s journal, which is to make sh*t up. Just let me know if you’re taking the serious route or the non-serious one.

1. Ok, you know my first name, but what’s my middle name?

2. Where am I from?

3. When is my birthday?

4. My eyes are:

5. How tall am I?

6. My favorite color is:

7. My favorite band/artist is:

8. Name three things I hate.

9. Name three things I love.

10. Name two places I want to visit.

11. Do I have any piercings?

12. If so, do you know where/how many?

13. Do I have any pets?

14. If so, what kind? If not, who would I like to?

15. Name one fear I have.

16. Name one wish I have.

17. What’s my favorite movie?

18. Who do I have a celebrity crush on?

19. Name one thing that makes me cry.

20. Name one thing that makes me smile.

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