Feb 012005

Ok, we there is a group of us already planning to go to The Castle on Saturday night, and there is a BBQ happening in the afternoon.

I have a proposal for us to fill the gap in between the two.

See Bob Run is the first production in a new series of “Job-Side” projects from the Jobsite Theater. These ensemble member inspired productions are something really different, both for the Jobsite Theater and for our audience, and it would be great to have some support to get this program off to a good start.

The best part?

Only $3 at the door.

That’s even less than going to see a movie, and it’s live theater.

If the time frame is too crunched, we also have the option of seeing it Friday night.

*** Edit *** It’s looking like Friday night is going to be the night to shoot for. Please comment accordingly.

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