Feb 012005

My Motherboard should get back from ASUS tomorrow. There is supposed to be a full report on what was wrong with it, but through the broken english of the person I spoke with on the phone they said something about an MLX switch or processor. K. says it’s something that is used in telecommunications. Maybe something with the onboard NIC? Who knows? Who cares? They say it’s fixed (yay) and that it was broken in the first place (yay again), so I feel better.

I have a new processor on order with St. Petersburg Computers, and I have another stick of RAM on the way from Newegg (I read on one of the forums that only one memory stick causes instability in this machine, so I’m not risking it).

Interesting side note on the processor. I sent it back to Newegg and they said that one of the pins was bent beyond repair and they weren’t going to refund me. I was about to roll over on it, but K. made some phone calls and we’re getting it taken care of through a FedEX damage claim. So she saved me about $300 bucks.


All the old accounts are paid off and closed. I even overpaid and have balances coming to me. That’s what is paying for the extra stick of RAM.

I’d be all gushy over the fact that I’m going to have 2 Gigs of RAM, but I’m not holding my breath that the machine is going to work at this point, to be honest.

Stay tuned tomorrow.

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