Feb 282005

Ok, I do a lot of shilling for The Jobsite Theater here on my blog mainly because I’m involved with them and know what’s going on there and around the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. What I’m pushing today is something I’m not involved in and that you most likely haven’t heard of. If, however, you’re not a fan of corporate radio you may want to check it out.

The Shape Of Things To Come is the only Prime Time, Sunday Evening Radio show that plays “dark” music. It supports and showcases artists and events that you will not hear anywhere else on the airwaves. Go and check out the playlists. Where else on the radio are those bands played? theonebob has been on in the air for, I believe, 17 years with this show. His show is a mix of the familiar and the obscure, sometimes reminding you of bands you haven’t listened to in years or inspiring you to check out someone new. It’s not all “doomy gloomy” music, either. Like any good “goth,” Bob has the ability to see the lighter side of the scene (prompting Voltaire to jokingly quip that “T’Pau is NOT GOTH” to me when discussing the show at Dream Con ’04).

If you’re asking yourself why you should support a show that plays in New York, I’d point out that the station streams all of their shows on the internet and that many of Bob’s past shows are available on Live365.com.

More than anything, though, Bob is a good friend of mine and this show means a lot to him. I’ve donated, and so has netgoth. Yeah, it’s money that could have gone to a million other things, but sometimes helping out a friend is more important. If you’ve got the financial ability to throw a few bucks his way, take a moment and do so. Despite what you may think, even a $5 or $10 donation can go a long way towards helping him reach his pledge goals. If you donate $35 or more you can pick a gift from a list of pretty spiffy CD’s that he has available as well.

Oh, and if you’re inclined to do so please do it today. Like, right now. I probably should have made this post weeks ago. I think today is the last day of the drive.

Ok, that’s it for my shilling. Thanks for reading!

Feb 262005

Almost exactly two years ago today I was at the lowest weight I have ever been in my adult life. 234 pounds. I was 9 pounds away from my goal of 225 pounds.

Today I weigh 272 pounds.

I’ve backslid a total of 38 pounds. It didn’t come all at once, and to be frank I’ve weighed a bit more than I do now during that period. I’ve pretty much fluxuated between 250 and 275 that whole time.

But it scares me. I’m not excercising for shit anymore, I’m not making sure to get my water in, and I’ve been doing the compulsive eating thing a LOT.

Just something in my head this morning.

I’m sick. Pretty strong one, too. I think I’m feeling better this morning than I did yesterday, but I haven’t gotten rolling yet. It’s going to be a crazy day. I’ve got a baseball game to go to at 8:30, and then two performances of Boys today (one of them for the HARC residents).

Once I get out of here I’m pretty much not going to stop until 11:00 PM.


They put off R. coming home until Monday. Mom came to see the play last night with my oldest nephew. They had a good time, I think. Mom has a great “brave face.” I get it from her.

Unless I’m blogging, it seems.


Going to be a long day.

Better go get to it.

Feb 252005

The Boys Next Door is running through March 6th. Audience response has been great for this show, and tickets are selling fast. I realize that I said the same thing with Playing With Fire, but I really feel that this is some of my personal best work and I’d love to share it with my friends. If you’re coming, let me know and I’ll look for you after the show.

On Monday and Tuesday the Jobsite Theater offers yet another Job-Side project for your viewing pleasure. The House Of Yes opens at 8PM on both days, and admission is a $3 suggested donation at the door. There is a great cast for this show, and if See Bob Run was any indicator of the type of thigns we’re going to see from the Job-Side projects $3 is a steal.

Also on the cheap entertainment front…Wednesday night you have a chance to witness the “coming out” of a new group of stand-up comedians with Is This Thing On?. My friend “ranney” has been teaching a stand up class at the Patel Conservatory and this show is their first big performance in front of a live audience. I can’t remember how many students he said he had, but I believe it was over 10. Admission is only $4.50. How often do you get a chance to see that many comedians for so little cash?

Support Local Art! The community is growing every day with your help!

Feb 242005

Mixed Results

You know, I’ll be honest. Despite how they may sound, I haven’t been bothered by any of the reviews that have come out about this show. The large majority of the negative feedback centered around the script, and frankly we knew that was a danger going in to this one. Ned even said so, at the very beginning of the process. He did some internet searches before we started and most of the reviews around the country said the same thing.

We thought we could give it a better feeling of cohesion. We didn’t. No big deal. Maybe it’s just not possible with the script as it is.

How can you be upset by a review that calls your work “impeccable,” though? One in which the cast is referred to as “hugely talented,” “Tampa’s best actors,” and “a live Who’s Who of Bay area theater?” I certainly can’t.

To be perfectly frank, my friends…my acting work is immensely rewarding on a personal level, but a little recognition every once in a while certainly doesn’t suck. And this was some very nice recognition.

Feb 232005

The Boys Next Door

So, you’ve seen two good reviews and heard all sorts of praise from those who have seen it. When are you planning on coming out and checking it yourself? If you really want to do so, you may want to consider purchasing your tickets as soon as possible. From what I’ve been hearing through the grapevine ticket sales have been great, and shows for the next two weekends may start to sell out soon. What, in all honesty, would be even better is if you could help us by coming on a Thursday or Sunday. Those are our slowest selling days, but they are also the cheapest! Save money and support local theater! You can’t go wrong!