Jan 272005

I was on a safari in the Serengetti with my good friends spuriusfurius and ross_winn. I rather enjoy going on safari with those chaps for they tell the most wonderful stories. They are all complete rubbish, of course, but it’s an entertaining way to pass the time while we trek across the open plains on our Oliphants (Why no, a standard Elephant most certainly would not do. You couldn’t fit a casino on the back of an elephant. Silly reader!).

Well anyway, I was in the middle of sipping on my cognac when the caravan driver called for a stop. I was quite perturbed by this and went on deck to see what the problem was. As I looked out over the rail I saw that we were surrounded by a group of warrior-women mounted on zebras! My heart sank as I realized that the leader of them was my dark love, netgoth. Yes, that enchantress who had ensnared my heart so long ago, but who was torn from me by the viscous claws of society and propriety. Her tribe would never accept a British noble amongst their ranks, and she would never reduce herself to the confines that society would place on her back Her Majesty’s Realm.

It was, indeed, a truly harrowing experience we were about to face…I wonder how well my companions recall the day?

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