Jan 202005

Or maybe a Grandfather.

Suppose it depends on how you look at it.

I’ll stick with Uncle, thank you very much.

Madison Foltz was born at 3:47 AM this morning. She is perfectly healthy and well developed. Kimmie has a curvature in her spine, so the epidural didn’t take. She did it all natural, and then immediately fed the baby as well.

Aww yeah, that’s my girl.

One other thing…

My ex-wife stayed the whole time. She is a nurse on that floor, and she was supposed to get off at 11. She stayed. She even stayed afterward to make sure they didn’t try to give the baby a bottle in the nursery after Kim passed out. She stayed longer than my older sister did.

And people wonder why I don’t hate her. Dislike her sometimes? Oh yeah. Hate what I went through in our marriage? Oh yeah. But regardless of what has ever happened between us, she is wonderful to my kids. That is all that matters.

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