Jan 012005

I just got finished catching up on my Friends List, and there are a lot of you who had truly fucked up nights last night. Obviously this isn’t a surprise to the individuals involved, but from my perspective it was fairly shocking to scroll down my list and see all these horrible things.

My thoughts go out to all of you who had a crappy night last night. Think of it as a final dress rehearsal for 2005, ok? Just in case you aren’t involved in theater I’ll explain. As a general rule everything that can go wrong will during the final dress rehearsal of a production. This is, generally, seen as a good thing. A crappy final dress is supposed to mean a great opening night.

So let’s hope that 2005 is the opening night that New Years Eve was preparing you for.

So, yeah. No parties last night. We didn’t do what we had originally planned to do, either. We have been collecting mementos of our year together in a bag near my desk, and we were going to put then into a scrap book together last night. Only one problem. We had no scrap book.

We’ve been talking about doing this for a year, but we never got the materials necessary.

So instead we spent the evening playing Worlds of Warcraft. We did log in to City of Heroes at one point just to check and make sure none of our friends were on. Alex called me at midnight to with me a Happy New Year, as did celestialaddict and sketch_says. Got a text message from L. Ate way too much food (we’re doing the end of the year, eat what you want binge) and have some naaaasty gas this morning as a result (mmm…shrimp pesto pizza…garlic-o-rama).

Oh, sorry. Was that an overshare?

I need to start working on my taxes soon. Hello, nightmare.

It was a good night.

It was a great year.

I am happy.

Resolutions? The typical I suppose. Getting back on program. Maybe try to quit smoking again.

Disjointed early morning ramblies. Whee.

Off to get some chores done. Later, kids.

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