Sep 282004

Today I have seen evidence, yet again, about how much my job rocks. This time, however, it isn’t because of the job itself. It’s because of my co-workers. I’ve talked many times about how much my boss rocks, but he isn’t the only one. I had to go into the office today because, as some of you know, we still don’t have any power, and from all indicators it isn’t going to be back on until Saturday. I found this out last night after getting back home from taking Netgoth to the emergency room last night. One of the candles had spilled hot, burning wax on the entertainment center and in order to prevent a fire she grabbed the metal holder and threw it on the floor. The heat from the metal instantly caused her hand to blister and burn. So yeah, when I heard the recording say that our power wouldn’t be on until Saturday I had a bit of a break down.

My house is pretty much the source of my zen. Whenever my life has turned to shit, I have taken comfort in the fact that my house I could control. My house could be neat and orderly, and no matter what else was going on in the world I could look at, say, my clean kitchen, and know that everything would be ok.

Without power, I can’t achieve that zen. I can’t clean properly. I’m not comfortable. I don’t sleep well. I’m sure many of you here in Florida can sympathize. After hearing that our power was going to be back on yesterday and then having that ripped out from under our feet. I just lost it.

This was at 2 AM this morning.

So I got up this morning, took a cold shower, and went to work. Miserable. Tired. Depressed. Worried. You name it.

Well, about an hour after I got there I got a text message from the head of Internet Security.

“Do you want to borrow my generator?”

Yeah, that’s right…Without my even asking (hell, without my even knowing that he had one), he offered to let me borrow his $500 generator. THEN, he offered to let me borrow his relatively new Ford truck to take it home if it wouldn’t fit into my car. He gave me several power cords and a six gallon can of gas as well.

No strings. No conditions. He even wrote me a huge email with instructions on how to operate it.

This is the environment I work in.

So we have a generator now. The fridge is running again, and because of the huge amount of ice that I threw in there our food survived. We have a fan. We have computers and internet access. Tonight while I am at rehearsal they will have television if they want it. While it will be hot overnight, it won’t be as hot. Maybe we can get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep in. Maybe I won’t wake up 5 times wondering if the power was back on, or worse having dreamt that it was only to wake up and find it still off.

Next year we’re going to be prepared. My finances won’t allow it now, but after Christmas I’m going to be making some major hurricane season investments. I’m getting a generator. I’m getting a small wall unit air conditioner. I’m getting plywood for my windows. I’m getting a decent portable stove (or just investing in a really expensive propane grill). In other words, I’m not letting another hurricane season fuck my life over like this one has.

And yeah, I think about the shit that people like holliemonster and the people in Polk County have gone through, and I know I’ve got it lucky, but knowing all of that doesn’t do a damned thing to make me feel any better when the frustration and anger well up.

But I’m thankful we are all ok, and I’m thankful that the food survived (that was $200 worth of food we could not afford to replace). I’m glad my house is ok, even if it is a bit messy now. I’m glad that my roof finally seems to be fixed, and I’m glad that my hot tub is almost there as well. I’m glad I have my family and my friends to help me get though this stuff. And I’m very glad that I have the privelidge of working with such amazing people.

Now if I can just find the energy to get through rehearsal tonight…

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