Sep 262004

Ayup. We’re without power again, just like many of our friends. This sucks. I’m currently plugged in to the UPS with one of the laptops and the cable modem. Fortunately we still have cable. It’s the little things, ya know?

My sister is out this time, as are my son and the family over there (he said it came back on for about a minute but then the transformer blew. Must have been too many people with stuff plugged in. I’m a good doobie. We turned a lot of stuff off).

We’re sticking it out this time. I don’t want to deal with uprooting our lives and going somewhere else unless it becomes clear that it’s going to be weeks before life returns to normal. My server is down right now, so my email isn’t working. If you need to email me do so at my gmail address (mcmcgreevyATgmailDOTcom). Same goes for Krystalle (netgothATgmailDOTcom). Oh yeah, speaking of K…Those of you who are trying to view the video she took earlier are SOL. It’s on my server. You know, the one sitting on the floor next to me turned off? Yeah, that one…


Going to go check out the phone post options so I can continue to update if necessary. Hang in there, friends. We’re going to get through this season, and when we do? Party time.

In fact…

Saturday, November 27th. Party at our place. Theme? “The Final Hunker Down” Everyone can bring their favorite Hunker Down recipie and booze. There will be hot tub goodness and plenty of floor space as we turn the McGreevy household into the ultimate Hunker Bunker.


And we can celebrate my birthday too.

Boo yah.

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