Sep 052004

It’s not like the fact that I couldn’t go to Dragon*Con was bad enough. Nooooo….I’ve got to deal with a fucking Hurricane, too.


We have a very slow moving Frances over the East coast of the state. The eye is starting to fall apart, and the winds are currently down to about 95 miles per hour. By the time we really start seeing the effects, we are going to be looking at Tropical Storm force winds. Ok, that’s kinda cool. The problem, however, is the fact that this bitch is moving SLOW. According to the meteorologist that I’m watching right now, we’re probably going to see the effects of this storm until tomorrow night.


I’m not in a flood zone, nor am I in a mobile home or a manufactured home. My roof was just fixed (properly now, I hope). There are still several things to worry about, though. Power outages, of course. Then the possibility of falling trees and projectiles. It could still get damned uncomfortable around here.

There was just a guy on the news in Melbourne. On the beach. Talking about how they were dodging pieces of the building next to their hotel while they were filming.

Umm…go inside?


There comes a point when a good story just isn’t worth it, ya know? queenbarbee? I hope your man is safe out there.

Ha! Another story just in from a Red Cross Shelter. The reporter starts it by saying that there is plenty of food at the shelter and holding up a bag of M&M’s!!!

Yep. Plenty of food alright. Of course, they then went on to talk about how there was a shortage of nurses and that they were worried about people with things like diabetes coming to the shelter.


*opens mouth to say something. closes it. shakes head*

So anyway. Sorry for the rambly post here guys. Just some thoughts going through my head. I got up way before I think anyone else will this morning, so I’ve got that early morning quiet time action mixed with storm situations and, to be honest, a growing feeling of anxiety. I wasn’t so concerned about it when I went to sleep last night, but I’m a bit more nervous today. Weird.

I hope my Mom’s house is ok. depotmode? How is that shed holding out?

The sun is coming up now. I’m going to go sit on the porch for a bit, have a smoke or two, drink some coffee and watch the fun.

You cats stay safe out there.

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