Sep 012004

Six more GMail invites!

The novelty of this is beginning to wear off, methinks. I actually saw someone refer to Google as an evil empire the other day (in a community where people were frequently posting that they had GMail invites). WTF? What is it with Internet snobs? The minute a company becomes sucessfull it’s an evil empire? It’s like the only way you are good is if you are open source and never make a profit.

Horse poo.

Feeling maas uber better today. Might even stop taking the pain meds. I’m not really a big fan of drugs to begin with, so taking them all this week hasn’t really been too thrilling to me. I’m looking forward to my life getting back to “normal” again, though. Well, as normal as my life ever gets, anyway. I’m not sure if it’s safe for me to go back to walking every day or not. I cant’ see why it wouldn’t be, but I’m not doctor. It doesn’t say on my sheet that I shouldn’t.

Ahh, the complexities of life.

Ok, gotta focus on work. It’s the first, so big tasks today. You kids stay frosty.

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