May 302004

Bugger off day.

You see, yesterday was kind of lame. Other than my dinner with draxzaster and the purchase of Morrissey’s new album Morrissey, you are the Quarry (which, so far, rocks my world). It was so bad that I went to bed last night at 9. I wanted yesterday over. If I had stayed up I would have started drinking, and I wouldn’t have stopped. I’m sure some of you remember when I used to do that, and how bad it was getting. I figured that I’d go the route of sobriety as opposed to taking another look down that path to alcholoism.

Of course, I woke up at 1AM and couldn’t get back to sleep for almost an hour. Ah well.

Today is a new day, and it will be a day of chilling out. I’m going to crack until the gang comes over, and then I’m going to game. I might take a nap afterwards, because tonight there will be dancing. Oh yes. There will be dancing.

It’s a beautiful new day. Let’s hope it stays that way.