Feb 292004

I just had a bona fide Creepshow style nightmare. I don’t remember..and don’t WANT to remember…all the details. I do remember that I was, believe it or not, Harry Potter. I was in a hotel. I had been doing a lot of traveling using Muggle methods of transportation – primarily air planes. Staying in hotels. I guess I was a teenager.

Well I ended up at some hotel. For all I know it was The Overlook hotel. It looked like it, and what happened to me certainly could have happened in The Shining.

13th Floor. 13th room. Drawn to it. Not able to resist. Put my hand on the door knob and…

It’s as if a beam of energy came from the door and struck me in the face. It didn’t throw me back, though. In fact, it rooted me to the spot. I was glued, in essence, to the door knob. The force of the beam would have been strong enough to throw me back had I not been rooted to the spot. It wasn’t energy, though. It was memories…Or…not memories…stories. Creepshow style horror stories told by vividly rotting corpses. Except they weren’t telling ghost stories. They were telling me about the horrible crimes they had committed. Not only telling me – showing me. In detail. Basically committing the acts and calmly explaining to me how they did it. How they felt dong it. Very gory. Very detailed. I won’t go into the details, because I’m nauseous just thinking of them.

This dream was so real and so vivid that I’m having a hard time not looking over my shoulder every few seconds. It feels like someone is there. That any second the rotting hand is going to touch my shoulder and spin me around. I’ve got every light on around me. I want nothing to do with the dark at all right now. Nothing.

Sneaking up behind me right now would be a very bad idea.

I have coffee brewed. I want the sun to come up. I’m going to go immerse myself in Everquest until it does.

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Feb 272004

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