Nov 272003

This is going to be the most non-traditional Thanksgiving I have had in my entire life.

As I said I was going to do, I high tailed it out of St. Petersburg on Monday night to escape the biological warfare that is currently my home. During the course of the week things got worse there instead of better, so I am increasingly grateful that I made the choice to clear out. I feel really bad for the gang down there, but after spending five days sick over my birthday just a few weeks ago I have no desire whatsoever to repeat that situation.

I also got to spend some much needed alone time with netgoth.

You forget how important that is sometimes.

We have not been alone together since she moved into the apartment. Between our children, our friends, and insane agendas of activity our ability to just relax together had been completely wiped out. Thing is, you don’t really realize it’s happening at first. You start to accept the frenzied activity and lack of privacy as the status quo, and the whole “romance” of the relationship starts to get much less profound.

Which is why these last few days have been so wonderful. We got to be alone. We got to be romantic. I got to make dinner for her last night and have it ready when she got home from work. She took me to her favorite art gallery. We watched a silly romantic movie together. All those little things that make a relationship special between two people.

What am I thankful for? That I’ve found someone so incredibly wonderful to share my life with.

I have to leave today. Sad as always, but I’m still happy overall. It’s been a great week. I have to go, though. I have to go save my son from the stress that is his Mother’s house. They’ve been trying to buy a new house, and any of you who have gone through that know what a nightmare it can be. Tensions seem to be running pretty high, so I need to get him a break. Not sure exactly what we are going to do, though. My Mother is working today, so we are going to go have lunch with her for our Thanksgiving meal. After that? I’m just not sure. I don’t want to take him to my house at all, so I’m going to have to drop him off somewhere or leave him in the car while I run in the house and take care of a few things (like cleaning up after my cats). Maybe I’ll take him to see a movie tonight? While there are lots of movies that I want to see, I’m not sure how many of them are kid-friendly. Maybe we’ll do Cat in the Hat.

Tomorrow morning I have to face Wal-Mart. Mom is going to get Alex a new computer for Christmas, and I have to go with her to get it. Pray for me.

I’m off. Got some things to wrap up here before I head out the door. Have a great day, people.

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Nov 262003

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